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Drop the charges against the Indigenous People’s Day 5

This is a critical moment to resist increasing repression and support decolonial activists in your community. 

On Indigenous Peoples Day 2020, a monument to Junipero Serra, a notoriously violent mission system leader known for imprisoning and enslaving Indigenous people, was removed from a downtown street in front of Mission San Rafael.

While monuments to racism and violence are being removed across the state, the city of San Rafael is refusing to recognize the harms perpetrated against Indigenous people by Serra and instead has decided to file felony charges against five of the fifty demonstrators. All five facing charges are Indigenous women and Two Spirited people.

Sign the petition

#FreeThemAll Phone Zap with SURJ NYC
February 24, 9-10:00am PT
Join SURJ NYC at 9am PT to call, email, and tweet demanding release of the disproportionately Black, brown, and poor people who are incarcerated in ICE detention, prisons, and jails, in unsafe, inhumane conditions and at heightened risk of COVID-19.


The snow storm in the south is literally killing people! Here’s the most recent request we’ve heard about:

La Unidad 11-Houston is an immigrant-led grassroots group and this weekend they are distributing water, food, and money to immigrant families in Houston who are still without water and electricity, and whose homes were damaged by burst pipes.Many of these families haven’t been directly included in other mutual aid efforts in Houston because of language and technology access. Funds raised will be used for direct check/cash payments and for purchasing food and water for La Unidad 11 families.Here is the link to donate:


Please direct money to Mutual Aid Houston GoFundMe –they have also been actively sharing resources on Twitter and IG (@mutualaidhou)


The Parkhill Capital Foundation (@Allergic2Hourly on Twitter) has been coordinating relief efforts on the ground and connecting those in need with shelter and supplies.

Demand justice for the 9-year-old child who was attacked by Rochester, NY police 

On January 29, the Rochester police department released bodycam footage of several officers responding to a domestic dispute. The video shows officers violently escalating the crisis—first shoving a nine-year-old girl into the snow, then hand-cuffing her, and most egregiously pepper-spraying her in the face. Disturbingly, this is not a new phenomenon for the Rochester Police Department, which has a pattern of historically anti-Black racism. Last March, Daniel Prude, a Black man experiencing a mental health crisis, was murdered by Rochester PD. Similar to Daniel, this nine-year-old girl was experiencing a mental health crisis and her family’s crisis also called for trauma-informed care, not state-sanctioned violence. Demand justice by calling on Mayor Warren and Rochester PD to fire all officers involved.

Tell the California Department of Corrections (CDCR) to Decarcerate NOW 

California prisons are home to the largest COVID-19 outbreaks out of all state prisons, jails, and ICE detention centers nationwide: over 50% of people in CA prisons have had COVID-19, and 197 have died as a result of CDCR’s medical negligence. The #StopSanQuentinOutbreak coalition—which includes UCSF’s White Coats for Black Lives and our partners at the Ella Baker Center—have launched a petition to emphasize that while vaccine access for incarcerated people is urgent, vaccines alone cannot solve the public health crisis in CA prisons. Join them in calling on the Governor, CDCR, and Public Health officials to grant releases NOW.

It’s not too late to take these actions:

Demand $0 Bail – Essie Justice Group


This November, a statewide coalition of California organizers and voters defeated Prop 25 with a resounding NO. This proposition would have replaced the racist, classist system of cash bail with equally problematic risk assessment algorithms. Our collective statewide NO vote was crucial in stopping that cycle of harm from continuing, but it did not fundamentally address the deeper issue of our need for real pretrial reform in California. Today we are emailing State Senators and State Assembly members to urge them to take action by urging the judicial council to reinstate the $0 emergency bail schedule and making pretrial reform a priority in the next legislative cycle. 

This action comes from Essie Justice Group. Learn more about their work here.

Email Your State Senator and/or State Assemblymember about prop 25

Note: Two weeks ago, we asked you to e-mail at least one of your representatives – either Assemblymember or Senator. Today, we are asking you to e-mail the other one. If you contacted both last time – that’s amazing! Please do it again to keep up the pressure.


  • Look up your Senator and/or Representative using this tool.
  • Once on their webpage, navigate to the “Contact” page. (There’s usually either a “Contact Me” link in the banner or a “Contact Me” button along the right side of the page).
  • Fill out the contact form and use the e-mail script below. (Feel free to edit it! If you didn’t vote against Prop 25, no worries – you can still use the script!)

E-mail Script:

Dear [Senator / Representative] _______, 

I voted against Prop 25 because I believe in ending the harmful cycle of cash bail, reducing the power, scope, and funding of law enforcement, and preserving the presumption of innocence. Despite misleading information, California voters saw that Prop 25 and SB10 were not the path to end cash bail, and instead would empower the very systems that drive incarceration. The risk assessment algorithms proposed by Prop 25 were a thinly veiled attempt to hide automated racial profiling. The sweeping power this would have given judges and the probation department was not a trade we were willing to make to end cash bail. Prop 25 was not defeated by those in support of the bail bonds industry; it was defeated by the millions of Californians who understand that our communities deserve real change. 

Our resounding NO vote on Prop 25 is a call to action to address the urgent need for pretrial reform. Thousands of incarcerated Californians are in limbo, awaiting transfers that have been suspended due to COVID-19. Meanwhile, COVID is devastating our incarcerated population, with over 26,400 cases recorded to date and 96 deaths. We need pretrial reform, now more than ever, and to reinstate the $0 bail order to alleviate jail overcrowding and reduce the threat of COVID-19 in the jail system. When $0 bail was implemented, LA County was able to reduce its jail population from 17,000 to less than 12,000. Since the judicial council rescinded the order and the SB10 pilot was implemented, LA County’s jail population has exploded to more than 15,000. This is happening all over California with no hope in sight without reform. 

You have the opportunity to listen to your constituents and move forward with the pretrial reform California needs to stop the cycles of harm that affect low income and communities of color, who are already disproportionately harmed by of our carceral system. I respectfully call on your support of real pretrial reform in the next legislative cycle and ask that the Judicial Council implement $0 bail immediately. 


The BREATHE Act is a 21st-century Federal civil rights bill that will help communities of color not just survive, but thrive. Tell your congressperson to support the BREATHE Act

1-27-21: Make calls to Central California’s Women’s Facility (CCWF)

COVID cases are rising rapidly at Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF) with over 200 people testing positive. We are hearing from incarcerated people that conditions are rapidly deteriorating. CDCr staff continue to not wear masks and more and more people are being sent to filthy cells in Covid quarantine where they are unable to communicate with loved ones or report on conditions to the outside world. Further, Covid-positive people who are demanding better conditions are facing additional isolation and punishment. CCWF Action

Tell President Biden: #StopLine3 

President Joe Biden signed an Executive Order to shut down Keystone XL, but Line 3 is on the same scale and so is the Dakota Access Pipeline. Not only does Line 3 violate Indigenous rights, the pipelines would be a 10% expansion of the last tar sands pipeline. The bulldozers have arrived to plow through sacred wild rice watersheds, over 800 wetlands, and 200+ bodies of water in Ojibwe treaty territory. Please sign Honor the Earth’s petition calling on Joe Biden to #StopLine3 immediately and invoke a climate test for ALL pipelines.


1-28-21: Protect Water Calls and letters to stop Line 3 pipeline in Minnesota. And donate to the organizations who support water protectors on the ground.  Stop Line 3 Action Guide. Learn more at Honor Earth.

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