May 6, 1–2pm PT,  join Dr. Jacqueline Battalora for her talk, Behind the Blue Line: White Supremacy and Policing.

What will it take to stop the killings and create real accountability and community safety? Anti-racism author, attorney, and scholar Dr. Battalora is also a former Chicago police officer. She knows first hand that white supremacy and misogyny are at the root of the problem – within recruitment, training, and police culture and in police academies, departments, and associations. After all, a society steeped in racialized and gendered ideas about bodies, reflects them in its structures and systems, assumptions and expectations.

Battalora, author of Birth of a White Nation, traces how the problems with policing are rooted in U.S. colonization, slavery, the law of coverture, and capitalism and takes a look at the state of law enforcement today and the calls to divest from deadly policing and invest in public safety.

Register her for Behind the Blue Line

Revolutionary Design: Conceiving a Future Forged with Antiracist Technology 

May 5, 2:00–3:30pm PT

This is the second part of the New American Dream series. It will focus on human rights and racial justice to artificial intelligence and genetic data

How have old forces of bigotry and bias gained new life in the digital era? How do we uproot racist algorithms in healthcare, criminal justice, business, and other fields?

Register here for week 2: Revolutionary Design and see more details of this 5 part series



The recent murders of Asian women is horrifying, and, there has always been violence against Asian American and Pacific Island Peoples. In response to the rise in Anti-Asian/American and xenophobic harassment, Hollaback!  partnered with Asian Americans Advancing Justice | AAJC to adapt their free bystander intervention training as well as offering a de-escalation training to meet this moment.

Free Bystander Intervention training to stop anti-Asian/American and xenophobic harassment in the wake of the coronavirus.

The next 1–hour training is Thursday May 20th, 2pm PT Sign up ASAP!

  • Friday, May 14th 2021. 12:00PM ET/ 11:00AM CT/ 10:00AM MT/ 9:00AM PT/ 6:00AM HST. Register Here
  • Thursday, May 20th 2021. 5:00PM ET/ 4:00PM CT/ 3:00PM MT/ 2:00PM PT/ 11:00AM HST. Register Here
  • Monday, May 24th 2021. 4:00PM ET/ 3:00PM CT/ 2:00PM MT/ 1:00PM PT/ 10:00AM HST. Register Here

Visit Hollaback to check our more of their trainings!


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Register for SURJ Spring Action Zap May 13, 2021, 12pm, PT

SURJ National’s action zaps are back this spring to support the work of our partners to win racial and economic justice! Join them in weekly, one-hour gatherings where we will “zap” (call, text, or email) whomever we are pressuring that day. You’ll receive training and support throughout the session. Register for the other dates below.

Our May Action Zap will be focused on Abolition and Defunding the police, amplifying the calls to action coming from communities who have lost young people of color to police murder. We will be taking action for 20-year old Daunte Wright’s murder in Minnesota by demanding to recall Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freemen, demanding police accountability for the murder of Ma’khia Bryant, the 16- year old murdered by Columbus police, and more.

You can register for the next SURJ Spring Action Zap June 17, 12pm PT here.

Virtual Workshop hosted by SURJ SCC and SCCCCOR

*Calling People In, Not Out: Strategies to Respond to and Initiate Conversations About Race and Racism

MAY 15, 11:00 AM –1:00 PM

Talking with family and friends about racism can be challenging and frustrating. In this workshop, we’ll learn and practice ways to engage with folks with confidence and curiosity.

*Please note that while everyone is welcome, this workshop is geared towards white folks as SURJ is following the guidance of Black, Indigenous, People of Color who have, for decades, asked white people to do our work with other whites in order to not burden or cause harm to individuals & communities of color.

Register here

Race, Trauma and Incarceration

Part 3: May 12, 12:00pm

Register for Part 3: Why People Serving Life sentences Should Come home

How has intergenerational trauma contributed to the mass incarceration of Black and Non-Black People of Color? How can healing be used to dismantle the criminal punishment system? Many experts have linked the over-incarceration of Black and Non-Black People of Color directly to the devastating legacies of slavery: intergenerational trauma, cycles of poverty, and systemic racism. These effects on communities of color have been profound: research shows that people incarcerated for violent crime have experienced 4 times the rate of childhood trauma compared to the general population. Join UnCommon Law and ChangeLawyers as they explore whether our society is willing to offer healing to those who are both survivors and perpetrators of violence. Episodes will center the experiences of incarcerated people and their families, and will be moderated by UnCommon Law’s Executive Director Keith Wattley. Sign up for these free events here: 



SURJ Bay Area Action Hours

This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with others who are feeling rage and deep sadness about racism and white supremacy, but not sure what to do. Join SURJ for an hour of action! We’ll meet over Zoom to provide concrete steps you can take—calling elected officials, signing petitions, etc.—to combat racism against Black & Indigenous people and communities of color.  (Closed captioning will be available in the main room of Action Hour calls.) https://www.surjbayarea.org/events

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